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06/Jun/2020Game Cheats - Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes Cheats

Press START to pause game, then HOLD Y and press X. This will enable you to see the characters and backgrounds clearly without the tinted screen.

Play as Hyper Venom
To play as hyper venom. Put the cursor on Chun-li and press: R, D, D, D, D, L, U, U, U, U, R, R, D, D, L, L, D, D, R, R, U, U, U, U, L, L, U.

Pressing kick to select him will give you ice blue venom, punch will give you blood red venom.

As with all secret characters in the home version, you only have to enter the code once. After it is entered go to Chun-li and press Up to select Hyper Venom. Once the Dreamcast is turned off then on again, you will have to reenter the code.

Permanent Secret Characters
If you can beat any of the secret characters and save the data into your VMS, you can use that character without reentering the code.

Play as Evil Zangief
Choose Zangief. Do a 1/2 circle back, quick kick, and he will flash and turn into his evil form.

Swap Starting Character
Hold all three punch buttons at the Vs. screen to swap who starts match first (i.e. if you chose Ryu then Chun-Li, you would start the match with Chun-Li, and vice versa).

Play as Shadow Lady
Highlight Morrigan, then press Up, Right(2), Down(4), Left(2), Up(4), Right(2), Left(2), Down(2), Right(2), Down(2), Left(2), Up(2), Right(2), Up(2), Left(2), Down(5)

Sentinal as Special Partner
To have Sentinal as your special partner, simultaneously press Medium Punch, Medium Kick and Hard Punch after choosing your tag team.

Kick em While Theyre Down
After you win around a round, and computer announces your victory (example: "Spiderman Wins"), immediately press the "start" button, and you will be able to attack the opponent after they have been K.O.ed. If you are fast enough, you can even pull off a hyper-combo before the screen changes. This is a silly but fun bonus way to practice your speed.

Fight Secret Characters Orange Hulk and Lilith
To fight lillith, you have to kill the second person you fight (the guy u kill second) with a team switch move. In other words press fierce punch and fierce kick at the same time to finish your enemy. You must do this at least twice, and kill all the other players with REGULAR supers (no not team supers), and u must not lose a person in your team, until lvl 7!

to fight against orange hulk, kill at least 2 or 3 guys with TEAM UP SUPERS (half circle forwards + fierce punch + fierce kick), if that still doesnt work try killing everyone up to lvl 7 with TEAM UP SUPERS. You must not lose a person in your team.

Orange hulk is faster (allowing him to do combos), but a bit weaker, his supers do the same damage though.

Lillith- I think shes from dark stalkers or whatever its called, she has 2 different supers, the quarter circle forwards and 2 kicks is the same, and her fireball is replaced with 3 hearts and it goes halfway.

Fight Shadow Lady
To fight against Shadow Lady, you must

1)never lose a character

2)use up all your partner stock

3)get a First Attack every match and

4)use Variable Cross finishes to finish the round.

Have Shadow as Guest Character
After you select your second main character, quickly press and hold LP, MK, and FP. You can use him 3 times.

Play as Orange Hulk
Highlight Chun_li then press Right, Right, Down, Down, left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Down, Left, Left, Up four times, Down, Down, Right, Right, Up, Up, Down four times, Up four times, Left, Up. OR
Have 1st attack each round, never die, 3 dual combination finishes and three helper character finishes for the guy you kill second. Orange Hulk appears above Ryu.

Play as Lilith
Place the cursor on Zangief, then press Left, Left, Down, Down, Right, Right, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Down, Left, Left, Up, Up, Up, Up, Right, Left, Down, Down, Down, Down, Right, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, Down, Down, Down, Down, Right, Down. OR
have 3 hyper combo finishes.

Play as Roll
Highlight Zangief, then press L(2), D(2), R(2), D(2), L(2), U, R, U(2), R(2). OR
get 1st attack every round, never die and have 6 dual combination finishes.

Play as Gold WarMachine
At the character select screen, move the cursor to Zangief, then press L, L, D, D, R, R, D, D, L, L, U, U, U, U, R, R, L, L, D, D, D, D, R, R, U, U, L, L, D, D, R, R, U, U, U, U, U. OR
Do 3 dual combination finishes, 2 hyper combo finishes, 1st attack each round and never die. A Golden version of WarMachine should apear above Zangief.

Play as Onslaught
Earn all the Characters by fighting them and save them to a VMU. This will open Onslaught.

Fight Red Venom (Carnage)
To fight red venom you must never lose a character, get first attack every match, use 4 tag team specials, and 2 hyper combos,at level 7 it should say "Here comes a new challenger"

Fight Roll
To fight against Roll, you must

1)never lose a character

2)use up all your partner stock

3)at least 2 Variable Cross finishes and 3 other type of finishes ( hyper combo or dual-attack )

Alternate costumes
Highlight a character and then press Y or A at the selection screen.

Gameshark Codes

Infinite Health P1
Low Health P1
No Health P1
50% Health P1
Infinite Health P1 Partner
Low Health P1 Partner
No Health P1 Partner
50% Health P1 Partner
Low Health P2
No Health P2
50% Health P2
Infinite Health P2 Partner
Low Health P2 Partner
No Health P2 Partner
50% Health P2 Partner
P1 Hyper Combo Level 1
P1 Hyper Combo Level 2
P1 Hyper Combo Level 3
P1 Infinite Guest Attacks

Clean Pause
Pause the game, Then hold Y and press X. If you entered it right. The screen wont darken and the word pause will no longer appear when you pause the game

Choose Your Helper
To obtain the helper of you choice, you must always hold down start and then the designated buttons, just before selecting your second character. Shadow

SHe can be used 8 times


She can be used up to 6 times.

He can be used up to 8 times.

Unknown Soldier
He can be used up to 4 times.

Pure and Fur
She can be used 5 times.

She can be used 5 times.

He can be used 8 times.

She can be used 7 times.

He can be used 5 times.

Michelle Heart
She can be used 6 times.

King Arthur
He can be used 8 times.

She can be used 7 times.

She can be used 9 times

He can be used 4 times.


He can be used 7 times

U.S. Agent
He can be used 5 times.

She can be used 5 times.

Can be used 5 times.

He can be used 3 times.

Fight Gold War Machine
To fight gold war machine you have to:
1. never lose a character
2. finish 5 opponents with a super
3. 2 of the supers must be a cross over variable attack

Onslaughts moves
First form: Sentinel bombers: any punch or kick button Sentinel parter: press MP+MK Magnetic Tempest: D,DF,F+P Teleport: D,DB,B+K Onslaught Headcruch: D,DF,F+K Hyper Grav: F,D,DF+P
SUPERS: Mega Optic Blast: D,DF,F+2P Magnetic Shockwave: D,DF,F+2K Mind Control random fighter:(Level 2 or higher) D,DB,B+2K
Form 2: Claw Crush: punch Sentinel bombers: kick Psionic blast: D,DF,F+P Hyper Grav: same Behold My Mighty Hand:D,DF,F+K
SUPERS: Multiple Psionic Blasts: D,DF,F+2P

Play as Akuma and Ryu as Ken
During the a match do the following to have diffen form of Ryu at your disposal. (Level 1 super meter is needed.) Akuma: Half-circle back Fierce Punch Ryu as Ken: Half-circle back Medium Punch Turn Back: Half-circle back Quick Punch

Unlockable: Character Colors

On the character select screen, if you push the Y or X buttons, you will get your chosen character’s normal colors. Pressing the A or B buttons will give you their secondary colors. Pushing the triggers will give you even more color selections for any given character.