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06/Jun/2020Game Servers - SXE INJECTED ANTICHEAT

What is sXe Injected?
sXe Injected is a Anti Cheat system of the type client/server. It avoids that any program destined to carry out cheats be loaded on the Game. This software was designed exclusively to work with Half Life 1 engines (Counter strike 1.5, Counter Strike 1.6, Day of Defeat, Natural Selection, Team Fortress Classic, etc). It blocks cheats like wallhack, speedhack, alias scripts, aimbots, hooks, ESP, no-recoil, etc.

Tested HL1 mods:
# sXe Injected Anticheat Counter Strike 1.6
# Counter strike 1.5
# Day of Defeat
# Natural Selection
# Team Fortress Clasic
# Deathmatch Classic
# Opposing Force
# Condition Zero

To be able to play in a server with sXe Injected, the client should install and execute it before the Counter-Strike.

sXe Injected runs on the following operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. sXe Injected is not compatible with the Cheating-Death, VAC or VAC2. Currenlty, sXe Injected is not compatible with operating systems of 64bits.

sXe injected works on Half Life 1. sXe Injected is installed among the game engine and the mod, impeding that any cheat access to game data. sXe Injected doesn't have spam, doesn't generate lag, doesn't need to reconfigure the firewall or router (if Counter strike works in your network, sXe Injected will work without problems).