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06/Jun/2020Game Servers - HLGUARD ANTI-CHEAT

What is HLGUARD?
HLGuard is a server-side anti-cheat system for Half-Life and it's many modifications. Originally developed under the name CSGuard by OLO before moving to United Admins Limited who adapted it for use with all Half-Life modifications, the project has now been given a new home at The Z Project who plan to further develop it's features and introduce new detection methods.

Main features included
# Aimbot detection
# Wallhack blocking
HLGuard Anti Cheat
# Client file enforcement (including models, sounds, etc)
# Alias detection
# Cvar enforcement
# Name banning
# Built-in Steambans client

The list goes on. It also provides a customisable output for logs, so you can output in any format you want, this can be useful for displaying caught cheaters on your website.

How to install HLGuard
HLGuard is a metamod plugin, so you need to have metamod installed on your server.
For more information on how to install metamod see here:
Once metamod is installed you can then install HLGuard.

To install HLGuard you need to unpack the release into your mod folder, the correct path for hlguard should be: MOD/addons/hlguard/. After you have unpacked the files in the correct place, you then need to edit the metamod/plugin.ini file. If you do not already have a plugins.ini file in the MOD/addons/metamod/ directory, you need to create one yourself.

In linux, simply type:

touch plugins.ini

In Windows, go Start -> Run... Then type in the text box


In the notepad window that comes up, click the File menu and choose Save As... Navigate to the MOD\addons\metamod\ folder, and in the File Name text box type: "plugins.ini" WITH the quotation marks. This will save the file as plugins.ini and not plugins.ini.txt

Linux Server
1. Edit the file plugins.ini (mod/addons/metamod/) by using a text editor (e.g. 'ee' or 'vi')
2. Add this line after any existing plug-ins:

linux addons/hlguard/dlls/

3. Save and exit the text editor.

Win32 Server
1. Edit the file plugins.ini in (mod\addons\metamod) by using a text editor (e.g. notepad)
2. Add this line after any existing plug-ins:

win32 addons/hlguard/dlls/hlguard_mm.dll

3. Save and exit the text editor.

After installation
After installing HLGuard you then need to have a look at the config files and set them up the way you want. If you have never used HLGuard before then we recommend you leave the settings alone for a few days and use the default settings. Then once you have a better idea on how things work you can go over the HLGuard config files and make any changes you need.

Try to read over ALL config files, most have comments describing what they do and how they need setting.