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06/Jun/2020Game Servers - Config Files

ont face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="1">What is a config file?

In Counter-Strike Game, the config file is the .cfg extension file from your cstrike directory that allows you to edit and configure binds, settings, and game configurations that will be used during the game. There are 2 types of config files: config.cfg and userconfig.cfg. The first is the default one and can be modifued by the CS server. Second cannot be modified by the server and is executed separately with the following console command:
/exec userconfig.cfg.

The game is loading initially all those parameters from the config.cfg file which is loaded when the game starts. This config.cfg file may be loaded at any time from the console and it can be personalized

There are two ways to save a config file:
- configure the game settings from the meniu and after that you enter in console and save the settings with the following command: /writecfg userconfig
- access the userconfig.cfg file and edit every option manually.

Making your own config file has the advantage of having all the key binds and configurations in one file which can easily be executed from any computer by copying it from the internet to the game path.
Note that userconfig can have any name and usually has all control binds. This file will be saved in
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\YOUR-EMAIL\counter-strike\cstrike\userconfig.cfg path

 How do I make my own config file?
1) Open a text editor (Textpad, Notepad, Wordpad etc).

2) Enter in your key binds and commands each on a different line. Even the ones that are inaccessible through the user interface configuration tool.

3) Save the file as "userconfig.cfg" to the default cstrike folder
(usually C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\YOUR-EMAIL\counter-strike\cstrike\).

4) Go into your config.cfg at the end of the file and write down the following command: exec userconfig.cfg. This will make the userconfig file to be executed each time the game starts. You can also do this manually by opening the game console and type exec userconfig.cfg.

5) Save and exit the config file.


User Config Files
night.cfg [g].cfg bishop.cfg zattara.cfg
alin.cfg Sc0rp10.cfg guri.cfg SaT4nYk.cfg
gh0sT_z0r.cfg  ciungu.cfg  raos.cfg