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04/Jun/2020Game Servers - Call of Duty Servers

table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="236" height="214"> Infinity Ward COD4 Mapping Contest (0 reactions) One of our senior members (tOUr) stumbled across a mapping contest straight from the Infinity Ward: Source: Link COMMUNITY MAPPING CONTEST We have launched the official Mod Tools for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on the PC and to celebrate, we’re holding a ‘Community Mapping Contest’ which allows you, the community, to take map making into your own hands and create custom multiplayer maps for the #1 selling game of 2007. What’s your dream map? Wide open spaces perfect for sniping, or close... mp_strike mp_brecourt mp_arnhem mp_ship mp_pavlov mp_foy mp_cassino mp_uo_dawnville mp_cassino mp_harbor mp_harbor mp_dawnville mp_carentan mp_burgundy mp_downtown mp_street_suxus mp_toujane mp_harbor mp_harbor mp_cassino mp_dawnville mp_citystreets mp_burgundy mp_crash mp_burgundy mp_dawnville mp_burgundy mp_backlot mp_backlot mp_uo_dawnville mp_backlot mp_crossfire mp_cassino mp_overgrown mp_convoy mp_bloc mp_crossfire mp_crossfire mp_crash mp_dispatch_war_zone mp_farm mp_cargoship mp_convoy mp_foy mp_countdown mp_crash mp_bloc mp_toujane mp_overgrown mp_brecourt mp_burgundy mp_citystreets mp_vacant mp_bloc mp_showdown mp_cargoship mp_bloc mp_showdown mp_crash mp_rubberaim mp_vacant mp_backlot mp_crash mp_backlot mp_dawnville mp_brkout_v2 mp_pipeline mp_backlot mp_backlot mp_crash mp_showdown mp_convoy mp_backlot mp_cargoship mp_pavlov mp_downtown mp_burgundy mp_crash mp_bog mp_carentan mp_citystreets mp_dawnville mp_arnhem mp_carentan