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06/Jun/2020Game Servers - Battlefield 2142 Servers

font> The PAC (Pan Asian Coalition) has secretly moved into northern and central Europe, using abandoned urban areas to establish new strongholds. Intense close-quarters warfare awaits the EU forces when they mobilize troops for a full-force assault to claim back their land. The Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike™ Booster Pack brings all- out infantry-focused battles into new snow-covered battlegrounds across Europe. Three new maps provide the setting for the Booster Pack. High up in the Alps the EU uses launch pods to launch an assault on a PAC Titan docking harbour on the map Port Bavaria. Camp_Gibraltar Fall_of_Berlin Suez_Canal Camp_Gibraltar Cerbere_Landing Highway_Tampa Camp_Gibraltar Camp_Gibraltar Highway_Tampa Camp_Gibraltar Bridge_at_Remagen Suez_Canal Camp_Gibraltar Bridge_at_Remagen Suez_Canal Minsk Camp_Gibraltar Highway_Tampa Suez_Canal Bridge_at_Remagen Camp_Gibraltar Fall_of_Berlin Suez_Canal Bridge_at_Remagen Camp_Gibraltar Camp_Gibraltar Highway_Tampa Camp_Gibraltar Camp_Gibraltar Highway_Tampa Cerbere_Landing Camp_Gibraltar Suez_Canal